Daniel Kontowski, Liberal arts colleges and the liberal arts movement in Europe

I am writing to bring the work of Daniel Kontowski and his colleagues to your attention.  I met Daniel when we participated in Susan Wright’s “Universities in the Knowledge Economy” EU project and I became very interested in his doctoral work at the University of Winchester.  He has a diverse set of projects focused on the emergence and evaluation of liberal arts education in Europe.  It was, frankly, the first I knew of this movement having arrogantly assumed that the liberal arts college is a US institution.

Daniel has an ambitious and diverse research agenda that you can review at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Daniel_Kontowski.

Daniel and his colleagues have just produced a book of essays by liberal arts students in Europe and it blew me away. These are wonderful statement, diverse, tough minded in some cases, and creative in many. I know no example like this of student voices and it is exciting to see for what it tells us about educational trends in Europe, contrasts with the US, and the general possible futures and foibles of the liberal arts in the twenty-first century. I am adding the url to the book on ResearchGate because the file is too large for this blog system.


I do urge you to look at Daniel’s ResearchGate site as there are many more interesting projects and publications to be found there.


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